Big installations

Aquatron is based on the laws of nature.
The Separator can be placed almost anywhere, as long as it is possible to get the correct tilt of the pipes.

Only thing needed, is that water/solids from the toilet come in down angle to the Aquatron Separator, with correct degree the last meter.

We can help solve your unique project.

Aquatron 4x200, Romania

These are pictures of the Aquatron 4×200 installed in a private house in Romania 2012. The sewerage system installed consists of a flush toilet, an Aquatron 4×200 system with UV, a 1000l septic tank with two compartments and infiltration into the ground Vermicomposting reduces the volume of compost.

Casa Feng Shui, Aquatron 4x200

Casa Feng Shui, Tarragona, Spain Aquatron 4×200, Installed 2003, permanent living. Four toilets installed in this Aquatron system. The bio chamber is located 50 meters from the house.

HavRo, Aquatron 4x200

Aquatron 4×200, installed 2005 A ecological Bed & Breakfast for the guests during the summer. There is space for up to 14 conference participants. They almost never need to empty their bio chambers thanks to the biological efficency in this system.      

Hedesunda School, Aquatron 1200

2 x Aquatron 1200, installed in 1997 Most toilets were connected to the Aquatron system. At most, there were over 300 students at the school. The biochambers  were installed next to the school’s boilers to enable high heat.  

Indian Army camp, Fire Fury Corps, Ladakh

Aquatron has got its very own bunker below the frost line to combat cold winters in the high-altitude region of Ladakh! Sewage treatment has been an ongoing issue for the Indian Army in cold regions as regular sewage treatment plants don’t work in winters and even when they are working, aeration is not effective in

Into the Woods, Aquatron 4x100 + Wagon

Aquatron 4×100 + Aquatron Wagon 200 This eco friendly hostel by the Headington family uses the Aquatron system. Into the Woods began in 2012, with a beautiful empty paddock and the desire to create some beautiful, high quality, unusual and interesting accommodation for guests to love, and to give them a great base to enjoy

Lindomme Firestation, Aquatron 4x300

This firestation is open 24 hours a day by at least 6 persons. During education events there is up to 20-30 personer staying htere. The firestation is in a nature reserve with high environmental demands. Their system is Dubbletten low flushing toilets connected to the Aquatron-systemet. They empty their bio chambers once a year. The

Piatra Craiului National Park Aquatron 4x100

Beautiful mountain house designed by the architect Adina Samoil. Located in the Piatra Craiului National Park, the village of Magura is a tourist destination in Romania. This large house with four bathrooms, kitchen, living room and seven bedrooms can accommodate up to 14 people. An Aquatron 4×100 is installed to offer the occupants the necessary

Schwartz-Hautmont, Vila-Seca, Spain 4x300

2 pcs. Aquatron 4 × 300, installed in 2014. This company specializes in metal structures. For their new headquarters in Vila-Seca, the architects proposed a solution that takes into account the building’s energy efficiency and its water cycle. Extensive studies were conducted to be able to design the building and define the construction. The building

SEO Birdlife, Riet Vell (Tarragona), Spain 4x200

SEO Birdlife, Riet Vell (Tarragona), Spain Aquatron 4 × 200, will be installed in 2021. In this project, Aquatron collaborates with the international ornithological organization SEO Birdlife and the School of Architecture in Sant Cugat del Vallès in Barcelona. Riet Vell is a demonstration project for sustainable development that SEO Birdlife has established in the

Suraksha Smart City sales office, Vasai/Mumbai

The sales office building at the upcoming 430-acre Suraksha Smart City India,  future home for 500 000 people, The office has 15 toilets that are all connected to a single Aquatron unit which has been placed in the technical shed next to the office. The Barcelona Real Madrid football club has always been famous for

Torshälla Yacht Club 4x200

Torshälla Yacht Club Produkt: Aquatron 4 × 200, Installed 2000 There are visitors up to about 150 people at a time. The curiosity is that a Swedish environmental inspector reported the Sailing Society and their system, which ended with our state inspection giving its approval of the system as an environmentally friendly and ecological system.

Triton Valves factory, Mysore, India

Triton Valves in the South Indian city of Mysore installed Aquatron for the 10 toilets in their new factory with 300 employees in 3 shifts They got a custom-made stainless steel bio-chamber made and the separated flushing water is reused for landscaping after some further filtration and treatment. The installation was commissioned in January 2021.