Private residents

Aquatron 4x200, Romania

These are pictures of the Aquatron 4×200 installed in a private house in Romania 2012. The sewerage system installed consists of a flush toilet, an Aquatron 4×200 system with UV, a 1000l septic tank with two compartments and infiltration into the ground Vermicomposting reduces the volume of compost.

Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve South Africa

Aquatron system is used to fertilize plants. Mark Heistein, CEO of Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve (CWBR), in collaboration with Elina Ranta, an intern doing her practical from Avans University, have tested the Aquatron centrifugal toilet system in South African conditions. A model home was built at the Biosphere Hub, features a kitchen, bathroom, and toilet,


Private house in Elparello in Spain use Aquatron 4×200 The sludge separator is called Fosa FIltro FF4 and is 1,400 liters and comes from Filtec in Gerona ” After that he has a small bio-module bed of 10m2  

Hudiksvall, Sweden

Aquatron 90, installed 1990, vacation cottage Their system is installed with the demand of it to be working all year around. The systems has been used since even when the temperature is +25 och -30 degree celcius. The system is installed in a frostless part of the building, and they use worms.

Peihana Farm

Peihana Farm Is an off-the-grid micro-market garden growing organic seasonal fruit, veges and herbs. We offer gate sales (picked fresh on arrival), sustainable living workshops and eco-farm tours by arrangement. The are Popular Backyards Trail to check out our place and the Aquatron! Maria Lempriere, is a food event specialist who offers skill-based workshops and


In the North Island of New Zealand lives a family with 4 children living on a small semi – rural block.They are conscious of Their adverse Environmental effects, do what They can to reduce these but do not renounce too much of modern society. Over 2 decades They have trialled different types of Composting and

The Moonstone Project

The Moonstone Project: “To design and build Britain’s leading autonomous Eco-house”. Leigh och John Croft built their Eco house east of Sheltenham. This hout has nine toilets (3/6 liters flushing) connected to their Aquatron system. The tolilet most far from the separator is 50 meters away.

Västervik, Sweden

Aquatron 4×200, Installed 2011, permanen living This familys lives near the sea and to gain the highest safety standard they use the phosphorus trap