Ecological applications

Aquatron is based on the laws of nature.
The Separator can be placed almost anywhere, as long as it is possible to get the correct tilt of the pipes.

Only thing needed, is that water/solids from the toilet come in down angle to the Aquatron Separator, with correct degree the last meter.



Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve South Africa, Separator

Aquatron system is used to fertilize plants. Mark Heistein, CEO of Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve (CWBR), in collaboration with Elina Ranta, an intern doing her practical from Avans University, have tested the Aquatron centrifugal toilet system in South African conditions. A model home was built at the Biosphere Hub, features a kitchen, bathroom, and toilet,

Eco-Pleasant Residence in Telangana, India

Eco-friendly farm Located 20 km on the outskirts of Hyderabad within the village of Girmapur, family reside within the eco-friendly house of their desires constructed of their vegetable forest that spans 15 acres. Aside from fulfilling their family kitchen wants, their 15-acre Govardhan farm, provides contemporary produce to varsities and purchasers’ doorsteps. “We started farming

Peihana Farm, Aquatron 4x100

Peihana Farm in New Zealand Is an off-the-grid micro-market garden growing organic seasonal fruit, veges and herbs. We offer gate sales (picked fresh on arrival), sustainable living workshops and eco-farm tours by arrangement. The are Popular Backyards Trail to check out our place and the Aquatron! Maria Lempriere, is a food event specialist who offers

Quantum Life University, India

In May-June 2019, Quantum Life University built a new dormitory for about 600 training participants at their campus near Vikarabad. Ecological toilet systems are the best option for environmentally conscious players who play in no verification casino and live in a new dormitory. Australian online casinos have started installing these systems to protect the

ReDiscovery Centre in Ballymun

A system treating only a portion of the urine was installed in the ReDiscovery Centre in Ballymun County Dublin. This is an Eco Building incorporating solar panels, rain water harvesting, hempcrete walls, and a reed bed to treat waste water. The system also incorporated the Aquatron toilet composting system that is dealing with 4 out

Research Center ICTA-ICT at Campus UAB, Spain

Potential environmental and economic benefits from local food production in Mediterranean rooftop greenhouses The project has been designed with sustainability criteria, both in terms of energy and water consumption for the operation and in the materials used for the construction. The building mainly houses offices and laboratories which, due to their activity, tend to generate

Schwartz-Hautmont, Vila-Seca, Spain 4x300

2 pcs. Aquatron 4 × 300, installed in 2014. This company specializes in metal structures. For their new headquarters in Vila-Seca, the architects proposed a solution that takes into account the building’s energy efficiency and its water cycle. Extensive studies were conducted to be able to design the building and define the construction. The building

Tauranga, Aquatron NZ Ultimate

In the North Island of New Zealand lives a family with 4 children living on a small semi – rural block.They are conscious of their adverse Environmental effects, do what they can to reduce these but do not renounce too much of modern society. Over 2 decades this family have tried different types of Composting

The Humanure Bank, Aquatron Separator

CAT is an educational charity dedicated to researching and communicating positive solutions for environmental change. We speak to government and campaigners about policies that would help create a zero carbon Britain; we train students in all aspects of sustainability; we help schoolchildren to understand the importance of action on climate change; and we give advice