Easy to install

There are an incredible number of different installations over the years where Aquatron has been used.

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Aquatron is based on the laws of nature.
The Separator can be placed almost anywhere, as long as it is possible to get the correct tilt of the pipes.

Only thing needed, is that water/solids from the toilet come in down angle to the Aquatron Separator, with correct degree the last meter.

The minimum size of space that the Aquatron system should stand on depends on the model.
Expect at least 1-2 m2 and the height 1-1.5 meters

Here you can read the installation manual

How it works

1. Aquatron uses regular flush toilets.

2, Feces, paper, urine and flushing water are flushed from the toilet to a separator where the liquid is separated to 98%. Separation takes place using the centrifugal force of the water. The separator has no moving parts or energy consumption.

3, Paper and feces fall into the bio-chamber where composting takes place. If compost worms are used, it reduces the volume of about 95%, which gives long emptying intervals. When worms are used, the bio-chamber must be above freezing temperature. The minimum temperature for composting is 15 degrees.

When emptying Aquatron 50, 2×50 and 90 post-composting is needed.

When emptying Aquatron 4×100, 4×200 and 4×300 no post-composting is needed.

4, At high requirements the liquid flows to a UV unit where it is illuminated with ultraviolet light which effectively kills bacteria or to the phosphorus trap.


Install in basement

Under the house in the basement is common in some places. it will normally never any smell in the room when it is under pressure in the system.

On the reference pages there are many good examples of different installations.

School with four Aquatron 1200 systems

Aquatron 4x300 Moonstone

Under the ground

A problem that can arise when installing underground is that it usually does not get hot enough for good composting in certain climates.

Here it is installed in the ground. The disadvantage is that it is often not sufficiently high temperature for composting.

Concrete basement with Aquatron 4×200


In warm climates it is common to install the Aquatron system outdoors.
In places with heavy rain, you may need a roof or the Ultimate model.

Site-built installations

For larger installations, it is often advantageous to build on-site biochambers..

Admerus Biosciences

RPG Raychem in Gujarat

RPG Raychem in Gujarat

What do you do with the water after the Aquatron system?

The Aquaton system is unique as you can use water toilets and easily reuse the flush water.
There are many different options and solutions used around the world.

Leads the rinsing water to a greywater sludge separator where it is mixed with other greywater from the house, that water can be used in different ways:

  • filtrated into the ground
  • Reused as flushing water for toilets (Aquatron’s UV is often used to remove bacteria)
  • Used as fertilizer irrigation of plants (Aquatron’s UV to remove bacteria)
  • Leads to a larger common facility

If urine sorting toilets are used for Aquatron, you use the urine directly and produce your own natural fertilizer.



After Aquatron

Which septic tank is needed for an Aquatron?

The Aquatron system simply replaces the first chamber in a three-chamber well where large particles and sludge are to stay. Feces and paper fall into the bio chamber and the rinsing water with urine is led to a septic tank where the household’s other BDT water is mixed.

septic tank according to the Aquaton system need to be half as large as a normal septic tank depending on the number of residents in the household. For a household (5 people), a septic tank of 700-1,000 liters is normally sufficient. (check hydraulic capacity per day)

There are many Aquatron users who for many years have their own sludge management of their septic tank with a sludge drain where you mix the sludge with the Aquatron compost for final composting.

Septic tank

Dimensioning of infiltration after an Aquatron

As the Aquatron system releases toilet water into the ground, you should have an approved infiltration dimensioned for WC water for infection control and which takes care of nutrients.

The size and design can usually be obtained from the local environmental office, it differs enormously in different parts of the world.

We are happy to help with advice that we know works well in many places.




There are various systems where you can have final composting directly in your Aquatron bio chamber or to change with a new container and let it fully composting.

Or you can compost in a separate latrine compost and it takes about 12–24 months in Sweden’s climate.

If you have multi-compartment systems such as 4×100 you rotate a full bin and let it compost afterwards and depending on the temperature (the warmer the better at least 15 degrees) and the balance in the compost, there are many systems that only empty one bin on fine soil every 10 years.

Many systems are indoors in heated spaces and then the composting goes much faster.

Compost worms speed up processes and the incorporation of household leftovers makes the compost more viable. You flush the leftover food in your toilet directly to the compost!


An image in one of the compartments that has composted and reduced the faeces, choose to empty yourself as nutrient-rich fertilizer or to refill with new waste.