Site-built solution

site built

There are many larger installations when you need a site-built composting chamber to suit your local conditions.
It can be done in many different ways and different materials.

We can help solve your unique project.



Admerus Biosciences, site-built solution

Admerus Biosciences is a clinical research facility near Hyderabad, India. The facility hosts 200 research volunteers and some 50 members of staff who are using 36 toilets connected to two Aquatron separators. The two bio-chambers at Admerus were built onsite and separated flushing water is treated together with grey water in a reed-bed. This system

Konark Hospitals in Jeedimetla, India

​ Konark Hospitals in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad produces a daily wastewater volume of 13,000 liters which was being released untreated into the municipal drain. In order to stop the release of untreated sewage and achieve PCB compliance, an Aquatron® solid-liquid separator along with a simple water treatment plant and ozonator were installed at the hospital on September 3rd 2019.

Suraksha Smart City sales office, Vasai/Mumbai

The sales office building at the upcoming 430-acre Suraksha Smart City India,  future home for 500 000 people, The office has 15 toilets that are all connected to a single Aquatron unit which has been placed in the technical shed next to the office. The Barcelona Real Madrid football club has always been famous for

Triton Valves factory, Mysore, India

Triton Valves in the South Indian city of Mysore installed Aquatron for the 10 toilets in their new factory with 300 employees in 3 shifts They got a custom-made stainless steel bio-chamber made and the separated flushing water is reused for landscaping after some further filtration and treatment. The installation was commissioned in January 2021.