Elperello, Spain, 4×100

Aquatron 4 × 100, installed in 2018.

In this organically grown olive grove, a comprehensive rehabilitation and expansion of an original and traditional agricultural construction in the area has been carried out. All the electricity, water and sanitation facilities are independent and self-sufficient.

The sanitation system is separative and the toilet flush is brought by gravity to the Aquatron, located in a small independent construction, which is incorporated into the landscape of terraces and allows lateral access.

The rest of the drainage liquids are displaced to a previous purification treatment in a decanter and digester tank that separates the water from sludge and grease (Filtec’s FF4 Filter Pit). This water previously finally passes to a purification system and final infiltration to the land based on a bed of gravel and sand with a system of bio-modules that perform a very effective aerobic purification that leaves the water suitable for irrigation use, swimming pool use .

Administrative authorization from the Agència Catalana de l’Aigua has been obtained for the discharge into the riverbed.

The sludge separator is called Fosa FIltro FF4 and is 1,400 liters and comes from Filtec in Gerona ”

After that he has a small bio-module bed of 10m2





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