Algaida (Mallorca), Spain 4×100

Algaida (Mallorca), Spanien

Aquatron 4 × 100, installed 2019.

This existing residential building had a sewage system where all sewage went to a regular septic tank. The septic tank consisted of several concrete chambers. To avoid the need to empty the tank and the possible health and environmental problems that such entails, the owner decided to make a rebuild.

First, the house’s sewer system was changed to a separate system for kitchen drains, sinks and showers that got their own pipe and the toilets were connected to another pipe.

An Aquatron 4×100 was installed in one of the chambers of the old septic tank and to gain height again (because the terrain is quite flat) a bilge pump was used to take the greywater to the sludge separator where there is also an initial purification.

In accordance with the regional regulations, the pre-treated water is then infiltrated over an area of the garden covered with plants and stones.