Konark Hospitals in Jeedimetla, India

​ Konark Hospitals in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad produces a daily wastewater volume of 13,000 liters which was being released untreated into the municipal drain. In order to stop the release of untreated sewage and achieve PCB compliance, an Aquatron® solid-liquid separator along with a simple water treatment plant and ozonator were installed at the hospital on September 3rd 2019.

Eco-Pleasant Residence in Telangana, India

Eco-friendly farm Located 20 km on the outskirts of Hyderabad within the village of Girmapur, family reside within the eco-friendly house of their desires constructed of their vegetable forest that spans 15 acres. Aside from fulfilling their family kitchen wants, their 15-acre Govardhan farm, provides contemporary produce to varsities and purchasers’ doorsteps. “We started farming

Piatra Craiului National Park 2, Aquatron 4×200

This is a small mountain house with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen designed and built by the architect Adina Samoil in the commune of Magura in the Piatra Craiului National Park in Romania. The architect designed the house with the integrated Aquatron system which is located just under the window. When environmental protection goes hand

Piatra Craiului mountain Aquatron 90

At the base of the “Piatra Craiului” mountain, in the commune of Magura (Brasov department) in Romania, the architect Adina Samoil built three modern houses adapted to the conditions of the mountain. In this 4-room house, an Aquatron 90 toilet system is installed to offer the occupants comfort and autonomy. Comfort thanks to the standard

Piatra Craiului National Park Aquatron 4×100

Beautiful mountain house designed by the architect Adina Samoil. Located in the Piatra Craiului National Park, the village of Magura is a tourist destination in Romania. This large house with four bathrooms, kitchen, living room and seven bedrooms can accommodate up to 14 people. An Aquatron 4×100 is installed to offer the occupants the necessary

Aquatron 4×200, Romania

These are pictures of the Aquatron 4×200 installed in a private house in Romania 2012. The sewerage system installed consists of a flush toilet, an Aquatron 4×200 system with UV, a 1000l septic tank with two compartments and infiltration into the ground Vermicomposting reduces the volume of compost.

Tauranga, Aquatron NZ Ultimate

In the North Island of New Zealand lives a family with 4 children living on a small semi – rural block.They are conscious of their adverse Environmental effects, do what they can to reduce these but do not renounce too much of modern society. Over 2 decades this family have tried different types of Composting

Peihana Farm, Aquatron 4×100

Peihana Farm in New Zealand Is an off-the-grid micro-market garden growing organic seasonal fruit, veges and herbs. We offer gate sales (picked fresh on arrival), sustainable living workshops and eco-farm tours by arrangement. The are Popular Backyards Trail to check out our place and the Aquatron! Maria Lempriere, is a food event specialist who offers

Elperello, Spain, 4×100

Aquatron 4 × 100, installed in 2018. In this organically grown olive grove, a comprehensive rehabilitation and expansion of an original and traditional agricultural construction in the area has been carried out. All the electricity, water and sanitation facilities are independent and self-sufficient. The sanitation system is separative and the toilet flush is brought by

Hedesunda School, Aquatron 1200

2 x Aquatron 1200, installed in 1997 Most toilets were connected to the Aquatron system. At most, there were over 300 students at the school. The biochambers  were installed next to the school’s boilers to enable high heat.