ReDiscovery Centre in Ballymun

A system treating only a portion of the urine was installed in the ReDiscovery Centre in Ballymun County Dublin. This is an Eco Building incorporating solar panels, rain water harvesting, hempcrete walls, and a reed bed to treat waste water. The system also incorporated the Aquatron toilet composting system that is dealing with 4 out

Västervik, Aqutron 4×200

Aquatron 4×200, Installed 2011, permanen living This familys lives near the sea and to gain the highest safety standard they use the phosphorus trap

Hudiksvall, Aquatron 90

Aquatron 90, installed 1990, vacation cottage Their system is installed with the demand of it to be working all year around. The systems has been used since even when the temperature is +25 och -30 degree celcius. The system is installed in a frostless part of the building, and they use worms.

Lindomme Firestation, Aquatron 4×300

This firestation is open 24 hours a day by at least 6 persons. During education events there is up to 20-30 personer staying htere. The firestation is in a nature reserve with high environmental demands. Their system is Dubbletten low flushing toilets connected to the Aquatron-systemet. They empty their bio chambers once a year. The

Admerus Biosciences, site-built solution

Admerus Biosciences is a clinical research facility near Hyderabad, India. The facility hosts 200 research volunteers and some 50 members of staff who are using 36 toilets connected to two Aquatron separators. The two bio-chambers at Admerus were built onsite and separated flushing water is treated together with grey water in a reed-bed. This system

Casa Feng Shui, Aquatron 4×200

Casa Feng Shui, Tarragona, Spain Aquatron 4×200, Installed 2003, permanent living. Four toilets installed in this Aquatron system. The bio chamber is located 50 meters from the house.

HavRo, Aquatron 4×200

Aquatron 4×200, installed 2005 A ecological Bed & Breakfast for the guests during the summer. There is space for up to 14 conference participants. They almost never need to empty their bio chambers thanks to the biological efficency in this system.      

Into the Woods, Aquatron 4×100 + Wagon

Aquatron 4×100 + Aquatron Wagon 200 This eco friendly hostel by the Headington family uses the Aquatron system. Into the Woods began in 2012, with a beautiful empty paddock and the desire to create some beautiful, high quality, unusual and interesting accommodation for guests to love, and to give them a great base to enjoy

The Humanure Bank, Aquatron Separator

CAT is an educational charity dedicated to researching and communicating positive solutions for environmental change. We speak to government and campaigners about policies that would help create a zero carbon Britain; we train students in all aspects of sustainability; we help schoolchildren to understand the importance of action on climate change; and we give advice

Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve South Africa, Separator

Aquatron system is used to fertilize plants. Mark Heistein, CEO of Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve (CWBR), in collaboration with Elina Ranta, an intern doing her practical from Avans University, have tested the Aquatron centrifugal toilet system in South African conditions. A model home was built at the Biosphere Hub, features a kitchen, bathroom, and toilet,