Aquatron UV

Aquatron’s UV unit utilizes both the water screw movement caused by the Meander effect as well as the threshold effect (all particles spin and are illuminated on all sides several times), which means that even suspended water is fully exposed and a very good bactericidal effect is achieved.

To verify the worst case in diarrhea condition, a test with diarrhea was performed in three liters of rinsing water and the sample was taken immediately after the uv irradiation.
The analysis shows that the effect is practically 100% bactericidal.

An advantage of Aquatron’s UV unit is that the liquid never touches the UV lamp, which means that the effect does not quickly deteriorate as some other UV systems on the market.

The life of the two fluorescent lamps is about 4-5 years if they stand around the clock, a buzzer alarms when a fluorescent lamp breaks.

The UV unit can withstand 250 liters / hour ie. 6,000 l / day The approved test is done at 468 liters / hour


Under the UV unit, the enclosed water trap is installed, which is connected to the existing drain so that no odor comes from the sludge well.

Here you can read a report on the unique Aquatron UV that can cleanse from bacteria even though the water contains sludge particles.

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Aquatron UV light is very effective. The flushing water is illuminated as it seeps into the outlet, killing the bacteria. After a period of use, there may be coating on the inside of the UV tub. Make it a habit to remove the UV
fixture at least once a year and clean it with a brush.
The water lock should be cleaned annually.
If a UV fluorescent lamp breaks, an alarm is heard. Then unplug the power plug, unscrew the protective plate
and pull out the luminaire. The UV tube can then be replaced.


Technical data

The chamber volume: The UV unit can withstand 250 liters / hour ie. 6,000 l / day The approved test is done at 468 liters / hour