Easy to handle, Best seller. You can choose to post-compost directly in the box/drawer. Alter between one or more extra drawers (lid included), for easy handling. Or lift the drawer and empty at an external composting site.

Fits well where installation space is limited.

The downside is that you need more maintenance (empty or alter drawers) on the 90 model compared to the larger 4×100.

Suitable for the family holiday house, 2-3 people

  • The bio chamber (drawer 90 liters) empties approximately every 200 visits.
  • If two drawers are used, the post-composting may take place directly in the extra drawer (lid included)
  • Compost worms can be used directly in the box even at low load
  • Can be customized for any level of safety regulations for individual sewage

Here you can order an Aquatron 90

Drawing is here

Technical data

Height: 110 cm with separator

Weight: 22 kg

Size of bio chamber (LxWxH): Bio chamber 70x60x60 cm

The chamber volume: Suitable for the family holiday house, 2-3 people or with extra drawers greater load.