Aquatron 4×200 is the standard model of the Aquatrons units with four compartments for one family, permanent living.

Aquatron 4×200 has an inner composting chamber which is subdivided into four sections, each having a volume of approx. 170 liters. This inner container is a barrel with four compartments. The capacity of one compartment is about 500 visits before turning the barrel for a new compartment (the frequency of usage may change this value). Aquatron 4×200 is suitable for households of 5 persons living full time.

The inner chamber should be turned 90 degrees clockwise approx. every 3-4 months. Hence, a full rotation cycle will take approximately 12-16 months. The actual turning/emptying frequency depends on usage, temperature in the compartment where the Bio Chamber is installed and if worms are used for composting or not. Turning the inner chamber 90 degrees clockwise means that the filled section will get no more fresh solid waste, and will therefore compost the waste completely into soil which will make it easier and more pleasant to handle. When the first used chamber comes up for emptying, the refuse has been fully composted and has become transformed into approx. 10 liters of soil – perfect for the garden.

Optionally, instead of emptying the chamber, it may be used once or serveral times more before emptying.

The advantage with Aquatron 4×200, compared to the Aquatron model 90, is it’s full composting capability which makes waste handling easier and more pleasant.

Complement (equip) with Aquatron UV and/or phosphorus trap, if necessary, according to local regulations.

Technical data

Height: 118 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Size of bio chamber (LxWxH): 128x128x64

The chamber volume: Households of 5 persons living full time