Suitable for the schools, day care, small offices and other mid size buildings.

The bio chamber holds up to 1200 liter. The post-composting is in the same chamber, on the one side, fecalies come in and in the other the compost comes out. Very often, these systems are so effective in composting that there is no compost soil to be taken care of. Compost worms can be used directly in the composting chamber.

Aquatron 1200 is currently used in a number of schools and other buildings with installations that have been in operation for plenty of years.


  • Aquatron UV-unit
  • Aquatron Phosphorus trap

Technical data:

  • Height: approx 187cm (total with separator och bio chamber)
  • Size of bio chamber (LxWxH): 1870x800x1275mm
  • Chamber volume: 1200 liter
  • Weight: approx 120kg

Installation & maintenance manual

Technical data

Height: 187cm (total with separator och bio chamber)

Weight: 120 kg

Size of bio chamber (LxWxH): Size of bio chamber (LxWxH): 1870x800x1275mm

The chamber volume: Suitable For larger installations it is common to parallel several systems.