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The flexibility offer opportunities to adjust an installation to local conditions!

As the fluid is utilized for the transport of the waste, the Aquatron system may be installed up to 60 metres away from the WC (3 litres flushing). If a distance exceeding 10 metres is needed, the flushing volume should be increased to at least 4 liters.

Here is installation manual:
Aquatron Separator

Older manuals:
Aquatron 4×100, 4×200 and 4×300

unde-se-instaleaza_web​The Aquatron System , needs a minimum base size of 1.5 x 1.5 square meters to stand on, and a hight ​clearance of at least 1.2 m, but higher is better in order to have an easy adjustment of the flush-flow. Examples how to install Aquatron systems:

1. Installation in a basement. A location close to an external door is recommended in order to facilitate the monitoring of the system and the emptying of the Bio Chamber.

2. Sub basement installation. As in alternative No 1, a location facilitating the monitoring of the system and the emptying of the Bio Chamber is recommended.

3. With a pump for the separated fluid. For installation sites not having enough vertical space, an automatic pump (accessory) may reduce the required installation height approx. 150 mm. Also, if the installation site is located below the level of the Grey Water sewer, the pump may be installed in order to pump the fluid to the Grey Water outlet. For houses on bedrock, or where a suitable location in basement or under the house is not available, other installation sites may be e.g. a separate building, a cave in the earth or caisson, a built-in compartment underneath a terrace, patio etc.4. Separate house, pipe length can be long as long as you stick to the standard of 1cm gradient per metre (1% fall), we know customers who have 60 metres to the Aquatron system.

5. Wall mounted toilet with Aquatronsystem on the other side wall. The connection is not straight from the toilet, at least one meter has to be respected between the WC and the Aquatron System. The Separator and Bio Chamber should at least have a minimum protection against weather and wind.

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