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The ecological toilet system Aquatron is a composting toilet utilizing ordinary Water Closets. Our Aquatron standard systems operate by using just the momentum of the flushing water, centrifugal force and gravity. Therefore, neither moving parts nor chemicals or electricity are needed in the separation and composting processes. Aquatron Systems combine the comfort and hygiene of a WC system with the ecological and environmental characteristics of a bio-degrading toilet system.

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PicsPlay_1365459611060We are a leading actor on ecologic toilets!

Aquatron International AB has over 25 years of experience on waste water separation that works without electricity.

Our main product is the patented and CE-certified Aquatron Separator (without moving parts or power consumption ) where urine and flush water will separate from solids.

We recommend a post treatment to get rid of nutrients and bacteria.

A decantation chamber with a sand infiltration or a reed bed is a good choice.

Aquatron also has a post UV treatment if necessary.

We manufacture several different versions of the Aquatron in order to be able to propose solutions for everything from holiday cottages to public buildings and residential buildings.

Aquatron is made in Sweden!

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