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Biological WC solutions!


Aquatron is available in most sizes. Aquatron provides a range of models to suit all purposes; from the small weekend cottage to a large block of flats. The size of the biochamber is determined by how long the tanks take to fill. For most customers the tank needs emptying once a year, although some users wait 5 years. Decomposition time is dependant on temperature, volume and if worms are used. ​

Model Numbers equate to approximately the size in liters of the biochamber.




  •    Aquatron 50

Single chamber Aquatron systems with removable composting chamber

(drawer or wagon)

  •    Aquatron 2×50

  •    Aquatron 90

  •    Aquatron Vagn 200

  •    Aquatron Vagn 400

  •    Aquatron 4×100

Multi-chamber Aquatron system.

Rotating barrel with four chambers,

the complete composting cycle is made inside the Aquatron system.

  •    Aquatron 4×200

  •    Aquatron 4×300

  •    Aquatron 1200

 Big single chamber system for bigger buildings. Complete composting process in single chamber.


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