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Biological WC solutions!

In order to make the toilet water 100% clean from bacteria the flushwater runs through the UV -unit
The UV-unit handles 250 litres/hour (6 000 litres/day)
Size: 500x500x430mm with platform.
Normal length of life on the fluorescent tubes is 4-5 years, the alarm sounds when they are broken in the UV-unit.
005wPhosphorus trap
Phosphorus Traps are a ment to reduce the emissions of phosphorus in the groundwater.
MyllerComposting worms
An initial packet with 200-250 worms
IMG_5826wThe drainage module
It’s ment to be used for more effective and simpler handling.
20121001_111840miniWired rod
Need to be changed if the threads have got a rough surface or corroded by liquids.
VindsnurraWind spin is a feature amplifier to ventilation channels, vind spin rotates with the wind and creates flow without electrical.
To be installed on 75 or 110mm Pipes.
Height 330, diameter 240mm,
normalElectric fan for assembly on the top on the bio-chamber for more effective ventilation
004wAdjustment flat, the adjustment do of the critical separatorn very simpler.
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