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The Moonstone Project: “To design and build Britain’s leading autonomous Eco-house”

Leigh and John Croft built a beautiful ECO-HOUSE East of Sheltenham. They’ve chosen the Aquatron 4×300 system.

The Aquatron system was installed and put in service before the house was finished 2009



Moonstone 98Water and Sewerage
The house has no mains water or sewerage. All guttering and garden runs are linked and can be fed into their 10 000 litre cold-water store.
The nine conventional dual-flush (3 or 6 litres) toilets all connect to an Aquatron 4×300 system in the basement.
“This allows us to have the convenience of a typical low-flushing toilet but the environmental benefits of a composting toilet,” says John
“Solids are flushed down through the Aquatron separator which removes over 95% of the liquids, this “black water” passes through our two-tier vertical reed bed and is filtered back into drinking quality water. The solids fall into a chamber full of red composting worms, which reduce the volume of waste down to 10%, the chamber will need emptying every eight years, the by-product being an odourless compost ready to use on the veg patch. The small amount of heat generated by this composting process we then, of course, recover through our heat-recovery units.”