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Aquatron separatorns princip

Aquatron separatorns princip

The biological toilet system Aquatron is a composting toilet utilising ordinary Water Closets (standard pans). All Aquatron Systems exploit the patented Aquatron Separator (see sketch) which separates solid waste and paper from the liquid. The separated components are treated in different ways optimal for each kind of waste. Aquatron systems operate by using just the momentum of the flushing water, centrifugal force and gravity. Therefore, neither chemicals nor moving parts are needed in the separation and composting processes.

Aquatrons separator has its own CE-CERTIFICATION based on its capacity to separate solid from liquids. For more than one year Aquatron International AB collaborated with SITAC to work out a test protocol that could lead to a CE certification.SP SITAC is appointed by the Swedish government as spokes body in EOTA , a part of EU, thus able to issue European Technical Approvals (ETA) for a construction product.

Aquatron Systems combine the comfort and hygiene of an ordinary WC system with the ecological and environmental characteristics of a bio-degrading toilet system.
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