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Phosphorus trap to meet the highest enviromental standards!
​Phosphorus Traps are a means for reducing the emissions of phosphorus in the groundwater, it is not as good as urine separation where all the nitrogen and phosphorus can be put back to the plants via the urine irrigation.
With phosphor trap you receives highest protection level together with a validated infiltration.
A normal phosphorus trap is 10 times larger and considerably, the purchase and replacement of phosphorus-binding material (must have lorry with crane for a change of the material). Then only flushwater go through phosphorus trap volume can be reduced by 90%. The optimum is to have such a high concentration of urine as possible (where all the phosphorus is) and avoid as much plain water as possible when the only leach out the phosphorus binding material.

Phosphorus trap

Benefits of Aquatron Phosphorus Trap
· Small & easy
· Cost Effective
· Need no truck for the change
· Easy to spread itself, weighs just 50kg.
· Reduces bacteria by 50-98%
PH_test_fosforfallaOperation and maintenance
Phosphorus filters are generally robust plants with low maintenance needs and have malfunctions. The filter material is replaced when the capacity is exhausted. Outgoing water from the plant is a very high pH levels, which kills bacteria and provides a very good bio. The timing of the change of Polonite® easily determined using a pH paper to measure the outgoing water pH.
➲ For high standards required 90% reduction, and then need PH to be higher than 9.5
➲ For normal conditions required 70% reduction, and then need PH be higher than the 9thRemove the used Polonite and replace it with new. Note that Polonite is heavier when it is saturated with water.
The content of the pure Polonite is well documented and it is spread on growing crops, no mercury or cadmium are included. After having been used as a purification step in a sewage plant has of course topics to come but with the high pH of the material has been kill a lot of bacteria . Polonite ® helps with lime, which raises soil pH, and gives an injection of phosphorus. Normally one dissemination area of 25-50m2 for 50kg Polonite.
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