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Biologiska toalettlösningar!


Aquatron 50 is larger version the lowest model of the Aquatrons units.
The capacity of one drawer is about 100 visits before emptying (the frequency of usage may change this value).

The emptying frequency depends on usage, temperature in the compartment where the Bio Chamber is installed and if worms are used for composting or not.
Aquatron 2×50 has a special built-in drawer to facilitate removal of the compost. If needed, two drawers can be used interchangeably.
When emptying an Aquatron 2×50, the refuse must be composted to soil in accordance with local/national regulations. If two built-in trays are used, the post-composting may take place directly in the drawer.
Supplied with U.V. filter or Phosphorus Trap according to local regulations.

Technical data Aquatron 2×50:IMG_5840

Height: 95cm (separator and bio chamber)
Bio chambers size: 104x60x40cm
The containers have a volume of approximately 50 liters
Weight: 40kg