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AQUATRON 1200 v.2

The Aquatron 1200 v.2 is the environmental choice for public, office buildings or schools”

We’ve seen the potential to develop an Aquatron model for bigger buildings.
In the end on the 90th Aquatron International installed plenty of systems called Aquatron 1200, made in stainless steel with only one compartment.
Many of those systems are still in use with very little maintenance, therefor we decided to an update on the model.

The new Aquatron 1200 v.2 is suitable for public buildings, office buildings and schools with 200 people per day.

Technical data Aquatron 1200 v.2:
Total height with separator: 1860mm
Bio chamber height: 1275mm
Bio chamber depth: 1870mm
Bio chambers width: 780mm
The compartment has a volume of approximately 1200 liters
Weight: 120kg