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The Headington family has built a Eco-friendly and unique accommodation on Isle of Wight where they use two Aquatron systems.READ MORE>>
Conference center
Glommen, SWEDEN
Aquatron 4×300
Installed 2005
1-6 Bed & Breakfast guests during the summer, can receive 14 people for conferences. They never emptied their Bio-chamber since the installation due to a very good composting.Aquatron 4×200
Installed 2005
Installation for one household, they change compartment in the bio-chamber every 2-3 months with a few liter of
compost mulch.LINK TO THEIR HOMEPAGE>>
Lindome, SWEDEN
Aquatron 4×300
Installed 1999
6 people 24 hours a day and 20-30 people during the courses. The fire station is located in a nature reserve with high environmental demands, therefor they use Dubbletten urine-diverting toilets.Once a year they empty the Aquatron bio-chambers. 2 tanks of 14000 liters each are installed for the urine-diverting toilets, a local farmer collects the urine once full to use it ass irrigation on his lands.
4 units of Aquatron 4×200
38 beds and restaurant, open from the 2nd of April until the 2nd of December.LINK TO THEIR HOMEPAGE>>

Aquatron 4×300
Installed 1999
100 pupils aged 5-6 years using the building where Aquatron system is installed. With approximately 20 ° C in the composting room where the Aquatron is installed and they using worm composting. the bio-chamber is only emptied once since 2005!
Aquatron 4×300 (installed 2008)
Up to 50 people per day use the facilities, but during some days per year there can be up to 150 people visiting the school .There is about +15 to 20 ° C in composting room, worm composting is used and 100 liters of compost mulch is emptied once every 3-4 months.
Boat association
Aquatron 4×200
Installed 2000
Boat association
Stora Granskär, SWEDEN
Aquatron 4×300
Installed 2001
The boat association has up to 150 people some weekends during the year. The system has worked well over the years.
TORSHÄLLA SEGELSÄLLSKAPTorshallasegelsallskap01
Boat association
Lövskären, SWEDEN
Aquatron 4×200
Installed 2000
The association facility has worked well for over ten years. During some weekends there can be up to 100 people who visit their ports at the same time.Unfortunately the association had a lawsuit with the local environmental inspector, it went as far as the governments environmental inspection that gave the association reason that the Aquatron is an environmentally friendly and ecocyclic system.
ÖSTRA TORNSKOLANOstratornskolan01
Aquatron 1200
Installed 1997
Regularly used by 250 students and teachers. Separator and Bio Chamber is installed in the boiler room which provides a high composting temperatures year round. The heat and the help of composting worm has made that the composting is so good that the system has been emptied only once since the year of 2000!
Hedesunda, SWEDEN
2 units of Aquatron 1200
The Aquatron systems were installed in the end of the nineties. Most of the schools toilets are connected to the Aquatron system. There where over 300 people on the school at that time, today the number of people is about 160. The Aquatron system is installed in one of the technical maintenance rooms with the schools heaters in order to maintain a high temperature and a good composting in the Aquatron Bio-chamber. During the years there has been very little compost taken out, last year they only emptied about 30 liters per system of composted soil.
Mölndal, SWEDEN
4 units of Aquatron 1200
The Eklanda school was built in the late 20th century with an ecological thinking for 800 pupils. Aquatron and Dubbletten urine separating toilets where installed.The school was expanded and there were 200 small infants added, who were learning how to use the toilets by them self. Unfortunately there where high cost of cleaning the toilets due to those kids throwing paper in the toilets urine-bowl, the school management decided to replace the urine separating toilets by standard toilets in order to save money spent on the cleaning ladies extra work. Somehow the Aquatron systems got disconnected at the same time though it had worked without any problems for over ten years. At the moment Eklanda is not longer ecologic with their waste-water treatment since it’s just sent out into the municipal sewer, but the 4 Aquatron 1200 is still in the basement of the school and we will try to convince the school to connect them again during 2012.